The Original San Francesco Veal Sandwich

Since 1954

Crafting only the highest-quality authentic Italian Sandwiches takes a lot of work - work that we have put in every day for over 60 years. The Original San Francesco has grown over the years into a culinary phenomenon, compelling our most-loyal fans to drive from hours away just for that familiar childhood memory: the Original San Francesco Veal Sandwich.

The Kiss


Don't settle for "something like Italian". You can measure the quality of an Italian restaurant by the Sauces they use, and we're proud to boast one of the most recognizable sauces in Toronto - our signature "San Fran Sauce". This isn't your average Tomato Sauce. With our top-secret family blend of herbs and spices, cooked over 24 hours to perfection, there is no other way to enjoy our San Fran Sauce than to come to any one of our trending restaurant locations.

Homemade Gelato


We do more than just Sandwiches! Sandwiches are what we are known for, but we take pride in the variety of foods that we offer - all made with fresh ingredients too! Whether you are craving Pizza, Lasagna, Poutine, a Panzerotti, or some Gelato, we have you covered!

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